Zoe Life Healing

Helping you F.E.E.L. (Free Energy Exuding Light)  Again!

Hey there! I’m Kathleen, a fur-baby mom by day, and this is my website. I live in Kelowna, BC, have two great dogs named Zoe and Zen, and I enjoy nature therapy. I started sharing high quality Healing sessions in 2007. 

Zoe Life Healing is a place to come to relax, rejuvenate and reduce your Stress to facilitate you to strive for a life-stress balance.


Peace comes when you establish a life-stress balance which includes stress reduction and overall wellness. Life-stress balance is affected by your financial, chemical, nutritional, psycho-social, mental, physical and spiritual health. You can learn to thrive through stress management, self-love, mindfulness, who you spend time with, what you do and how it makes you feel, and taking care of your body, mind, and spirit.

Start with a Hot Stone Massage, Relaxation Massage, Energy Healing, including Reiki, Chakra Healing Wands and Emotional Freedom Technque, or Coaching sessions..

Also, offering healing services for your pets, as they take on their humans issues.

Engage. Encourage. Empower. Energize.