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Posted on February 13, 2018 at 5:25 PM
Stress Less for Health - Health is an Inside Job

My name is Kathleen Finigan and it is my pleasure to help you NAVIGATE the world of stress management. To help you IDENTIFY your stressors and help you learn to REDUCE, MANAGE and where possible ELIMINATE them to work toward a Life-Stress Balance!

So what is STRESS?

If you search stress online at Yahoo Canada, by definition stress (physical) is: 'pressure or tension exerted on a material object' as well it means, 'a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances'

There are actually 8 areas of stress that affect your body in the same way - increased cortisol, stress response, inflammation and if not addressed and managed possibly dis-ease. I will be sharing more about these 8 areas of stress throughout my blog postings, as well as Tips, Tricks and Tools to cope and help you move from Surviving to THRIVING!

So, why be a stress expert?  Talking about stress is stressful, right!?

I was given the opportunity to endure so much stress, day after day that my health showed signs of wear and tear. I didn't even know I was STRESSED. I met with doctors, managed each condition as they appeared and kept on going. Feeling weary, struggling to sleep at night, barely dragging my A** out of bed in the morning, feeling like a "Zombie" but putting on a "happy face" and going in to my day job - where I was bullied by co-workers daily. It was exhausting to be sick all the time, it was disheartening to go into work, a career I trained in and was passionate about. I was able to help patients through their health journey and was meeting amazing people in this world - people going through life changing health conditions while remaining positive, uplifting and loving.  My patients were my why for going to work everyday.  Unfortunately, the bullying broke me down emotionally, mentally, spiritually and ultimately physically. While I was at my day job I experienced so much stress from bullying causing Occupational Asthma, diarrhea (IBS), cold after cold, migraines, the flu, kidney stones, pneumonia, shingles, Fibromyalgia, Psoriatic Arthritis and an Adjustment Disorder.

I now know that I was put through the bullying, the health issues, the mental, emotional, spiritual, social, financial and physical health struggles to come out the other end a better person.  A stronger, wiser, healthier person who learned these life lessons to be able to help others understand and manage stress better.

I have come to love and appreciate stress and how it affects the body.  It really amazes me how even a good stress can cause a flare in pain or decrease in mental cognition and set you back for several days.

Managing stress is an ongoing process, learning to recognize the signs and manage with the Tool that works that day.

My passion is to work with you where you are at - to help you reach your stress reduction goals and to help you learn a stress management way of life to prevent you from hitting health rock bottom.

Want to learn more, pop over to my Facebook Fanpage - Stress Less for Health:

I am here to LISTEN to your story!

I am here to HELP you IDENTIFY your stressors!

I am here to ENCOURAGE and SUPPORT you in your stress REDUCTION JOURNEY!

Stress happens whether you talk about it our not!

I invite you to join me in YOUR stress reduction journey!

Feeling Strressed? Unsure where to start? Request your Free Stress Inventory Checklist today & get started today email: kathleen@zoelifehealing.com


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