Zoe Life Healing


Hot Stone Massage and Relaxation Massage. Also Cold Stone Massage to targeted areas for extra healing.

Energy Healing

Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Color Therapy, Chakra Wands, E.F.T., Therapeutic Touch, Distance Healing

Pet Healing

Relaxation Massage, Reiki, Body Talk Access, E.F.T., Crystal Healing, Muscle Testing, Distance Healing

Nutrition Energy Testing & Supplement Adviser

This is not a diagnose or treatment of disease. It includes an analysis and a personalized supplement program.
Analysis is done through muscle testing and dowsing / pendulum work.

Distance Analysis available.

Holistic Wellness Session & Programs

Life-Stress Balance Assessment, EMPOWER Session, EMPOWER Program

Other Services

Guided Imagery, Visualization, Breathing, Gua Sha, Cupping Therapy, Art Therapy, Feng Shui, Vision Boards.

Holistic Wellness

Stress Assessment Checklist, Holistic Wellness Coaching, Stretching, Ergonomic Assessment, and Wellness Presentations

Nutritional Supplements

Beat nutritional stress with better sleep, brain function, nutritional foundation, energy, weight reduction, anti-aging, glutithione,  & endocannibinoidal system.

Chemical Reduction

Skin care and cleaning products to reduce chemical usage in your home, save time and money.