Zoe Life Healing

Zoe Life Healing

Stress Reduction for People
Learn to identify your stress triggers, reduce stress, & manage health issues to lead you to a happier healthier life-stress balance!
  • Hot and / or Cold Stone Massage

  • Relaxation Massage

  • Energy Healing, including Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Chakra Healing Wands
12 Week Stress Reduction Wellness Program

Stress if left alone, can silently breakdown the body and lead to health issues and diseases. The first step is to identify which of the 8 areas of stress affect you. Request a FREE Stress Assessment.
Once you have identified your areas of stress, it is time to take a deeper look at what is the true cause of the stress. Then it is important to look at what can be done to reduce, manage and possibly eliminate the stress.  It is important to keep stress under control as we cannot predict when stress may hit us and tip us off balance.
This is where the Wellness Program comes in. Once your areas of stress are identifies, a wellness program and elimination of stress is put in place and you will be followed with a weekly coaching call / appointment to keep you accountable, on track and help with any problem solving along the way.

Other Services / Programs
Wellness Presentations - Do you run a small to medium business? Wellness is important to help prevent and minimize injuries in the workplace. Being proactive may protect your bottom line by educating, making employees aware of hazards as well as giving them the ability to incorporate ergonomics and stretching into their work day, which will increase productivity and flexibility and possibly reduce injury reporting and associated payments.

Ergonomic Assessments - Do you sit at a desk most of your work day? Experience headaches, neck pain, low back pain, sore wrists, muscle stiffness - especially hamstrings? It may be time to look at how you sit, where your phone, keyboard, monitor are positioned, as well as chair height, lighting, etc. Request an ergonomic assessment. Also available by distance, Request an ergonomic distant assessment.

Stretch Break Sessions - Sitting is the new smoking, meaning that we are sitting too much during our day and it may lead to health issues. Would you like to move more throughout your workday? Not sure what to stretch? How to stretch? Or how often? Stretching together promotes a healthy workplace by bring your employees together for a short period of time during the day. Increase productivity, attitude, flexibility and community by encouraging stretch break sessions.